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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Wrecker 2015


Quick Overview:
Director: Micheal Bafaro
Writers: Micheal Bafaro, Evan Taylor
Main Stars: Anna Hutchison as Emily
Andrea Whitburn as Leslie

Listed as a remake of Stephen King's Duel
Also known as Juggernaut.
Overview: Best friends Emily and Lesley go go on a road trip in the desert and take a short cut and become a target of a relentless and psychotic trucker.

We are the ones you won't care about.

So we open with what seems to be a long married couple, your average slightly overweight, white, and blandly dressed. The couple's car is broken, overheated best we can tell and the out of the way desert area they are in has no Cell service of course.

You see the couple talk about the issue and how the gas station attendant says this stretch of road is called Devils Pass...Sigh...this is going to be a long one. Then suddenly we cut to a sports car and two college aged ladies, I think?

We get scene after scene of them driving...have you seen the opening of Manos: Hands of Fate or a Bert I Gordon movie, this just keeps going, we see the girls a few times and then a sudden young hitchhiker who Emily, the driver, won't stop to pick him up but Leslie wants too so they don't. Leslie takes a call from a friend or sex buddy and gets confused after the phone call cuts off and can't remember which way down a fork in the road they are supposed to go and they choose Devils Pass...of course.

Heading down the pass, they catch up to a old trucker/wrecker that is hauling the couple's car from earlier but no sign of the couple and since the women are in a sports car they soon choose to head around the trucker, only taking some time as it is a road that has one lane, to pass you get in the other lane.  They pass, no issues and you see from inside the truckers cab that he has a pentagram and an upside down cross because WHY WOULDN'T HE! He seems so evil so far!!!
About half the movie is just this...

Just as the car hits E, They find a gas station, PERFECT TIMING!  They pull in and no long after so does the trucker. We learn that Emily is having some boyfriend cheating issues and not much else, they fuel up and the attendant tells them they are a quart low on oil but they choose to wait to top it off as they are ready to get back on the road and do so. We never see what the trucker does but he does leave the cab and we see his boots only.

While traveling along and in a sort of road daze, the trucker catches up with them and scares them by honking and speeding past them then not long after slows down and signs for them to pass, when they finally do they are pissed and Leslie throws a beer bottle at the truck and flicks him off before they race off, but the truck keeps catching up which is one of the major issues with this movie, the girls are in a mustang and he is a wrecker towing a car.

He gets ahead of them again, this time the road is two lanes but the trucker won't let them around, so they take a small dirt road that allows them to pass the trucker but barely and while racing to stay ahead of him they almost hit several kids playing soccer near a few homes and that freaks them out so they head to a diner to calm down.

The cell phones don't work, the phone is broken, no soap in the restroom and the first fork is missing a point and another is broken. The see the Truck outside meaning someone else in the diner is the man or woman I guess tracking them.  Emily looks around at the boots and narrows it down to two, one of them leaves in a different car so the woman confront the one left and it is the one semi tense moment in the whole thing but all three people are asked to leave. 

The guy they accused heads out and to the TRUCK but goes into a pickup that is hidden by the wrecker, then we see the TRUCK start up so we never do meet the man and the girls race after him, finally getting in their car and heading off down the road...this keeps going back and forth. Then the girls find the car from the couple just hanging out in the middle of the road, a good guy comes along and helps them move it but the TRUCK returns and helps push the car out of the way tricking the good guy.

I will be your villain this evening

The women race off leaving the good guy to his fate at the hands of The TRUCK, he doesn't understand and starts to head back to his pick up truck. The mustang gets a flat and while the women try to fix it the TRUCK roars by but doesn't stop. Then when he is gone they keep working on the tire but see The TRUCK turns around and waits at the top of the hill. The women run into the field but Emily trips and hits her head on a rock, when she comes too she finds Leslie gone and her tired changed.

The TRUCK toys with her some more as she wants her friend back, then a weird dream thing, then a cop pulls her over and she tries to tell him what happens but all he wants is her to calm down and show her papers. Just as she finds them, The TRUCK takes care of the cop, towing away his car but again leaving Emily alone. She finds another gas station right when E happens again and uses the gun she took from the cop to get gas and use the phone.

Sadly The TRUCK shows up to destroy the phone booth and puts her on the run again, then SHOCK, the oil issue from earlier crops up and her engine starts to overheat and after some poor editing and cutting we get a show down between The TRUCK and the Mustang, which she is able to race all over at high speeds with NO OIL and no issues past the first one. Somehow she wins chicken and The Truck ends up with the whole front end hanging off a cliff and while Emily is ranting at him she hears a phone and finally finds Leslie in the trunk...

I have a Denim jacket and a gun, now I am a badass.

They have the final showdown, which I won't ruin but you can guess and she wins to drive off, again with no oil or overheat issues...

The CODA is a woman, who looks ALOT like Leslie pulls into a junk yard or something similar and gets out of her car and while looking for someone she passes the red car from the first couple, the falsely accused dude from diner's truck, and the good guy's truck before we see the grill of THE TRUCK...shock...??? eh


Final Thoughts: You know what the biggest issue with this was, same as  Duel, it is boring. Not bad enough to be fun or entertaining but nothing new to keep you watching. It is a cross between Joyride and The Hitcher but WORSE then either. You don't really care about anyone who dies nor the two main people which really hurts a horror or thriller, The Hitcher works as you feel like the guys are real and the one being terrorized feels like an every man. The person  you feel the worst for is the Good guy who tries to help them and they leave to die.

The two people you should be caring about you don't.  Emily and Leslie are almost 2D, they try to add some crap about a cheating boyfriend with Emily but it is not really worth anything and in the end you just don't care, The Trucker never does anything that bad, mostly just fucking around and towards the end does some things like killing the cop but overall you get to feeling of why or true terror, mostly just annoying and childish. 

Now the important things in Horror: Blood, Deaths, and Boobs:  There are mostly implied deaths, which is supposed to build the tension but since your not sure if anyone is dead until the end scene it doesn't really pay off, like the guys the girls confront in the diner, why was he killed and when? What happened to all the bodies? No one misses these people? So with most deaths happening off screen the blood is minimal and as for boobs... Leslie flashes the hitchhiker from the start of film but otherwise nothing.     


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