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Monday, May 23, 2016

KUNG FURY (2015)

Let me open by saying while this "movie" is only a half hour, it is one of the most bat shit crazy, weird, amazing, awesome things I have witnessed. You SHOULD NOT pass this up and it is on Netflix so it is easy to find, that is where we watched it as @Literarygrrrl and I checked it out. It was GLORIOUS!

It was put together with a Kickstarter campaign and while it feel short of the money it needed for a full length movie it made way over the first goal and they went ahead and made this. I am going to do my best to tell you about it but really this is a movie you MUST watch, just do it.

It hated Nick's game show Arcade

We are in Miami in 1985 and a cop car pulls up next to some obvious thugs with guns out and asks if they have permits for the weapons, one of them drops his skateboard and when part of it is under the police car he kicks the other end and sends the car flying then they shoot it until it explodes as the thugs walk on past an arcade and one of them shoots a guy with a boombox and the boombox flies up and lands perfectly on the shooters shoulder.

Inside the Arcade, some kids are playing an arcade game called Lazer Tag or something similar when they lose, they get pissed when across the screen the words FUCK YOU appear and the whole machine comes to life with legs and arms and starts flipping off everyone before shooting them as it crashes outside. We have people screaming, running, the machine flipping everyone off, a flaming baby carriage for some reason when the machine slows down and the insert coin screen comes on, it grabs a parking meter and breaks it open to get a coin.

A call is made to Kung Fury who is at home and told about the killer arcade machine and jumps in his sports car and heads there climbing on the roof of the car as it hits a jump and shooting at the arcade machine when the car slams into it as the tracking and picture mess up, we catch glimpses of Kung Fury hanging from a helicopter shooting at Arcade and fighting it, destroying it with the line GAME OVER!

Everyone was Kung Fuhrer Fighting, Nazi's being bastards as always.

We get his history, that he was a cop and he and his partner who was like a father to him and was named Dragon had caught a ninja master but the ninja got free and killed the partner and then Kung Fury was struck by lighting and bitten by a cobra all at the same time and had visions of Sholin Monks and a legend of the greatest Kung Fu of all time and when he awoke he was that legend and beat the ninja master by grabbing him and saying a knock knock joke of epicness.

Transferred from Jurassic Park Police

Back at the station he is yelled at and told he must have a partner and is given Triceracops, a cop with a human body and the head of a triceratops, but quits rather then taken a partner, we cut to a man on a 1980's cell phone that is taken from him by...HITLER..who calls the police and fires his gun through the phone. Kung Fury is still in the building so he stops the killer phone and says they need to trace that call but only HACKERMAN can do that.

Lucas? Is that you?

Using 1985 computers he finds out that it was Hitler that made the call and we learn that Hitler in this world was a master of Kung Fu, the Kung Fuhrer and tries to find the secret of the future Kung Fury master using Kung Fun DNA and machines that are programmed to fight but nothing works and Hitler vanished to only appear in 1985, so Hackerman HACKS TIME and sends Kung Fury back but too far. They end up in the era of vikings I think...

A huge giant version of Thor shows up and...well I won't ruin the ending but even if you read all of this, YOU HAVE TO WATCH this to really enjoy this movie. You must see this film, trust me. It doesn't take long and it is so insane you can't help but love it.

This is what a REAL MAN'S Thor looks like

My Thoughts: This movie was just pure fun, while it may not be everyone's cup of tea, if you have a sense of humor and/or love campy stuff this is perfect. 

So many fun 80's tropes and just over the top stuff happening every moment but you still get a feel for some of the people in it, even with no real time to focus on anyone. Being just a half hour means you can watch it in less time then an episode of most of the shows you are currently binge watching on Netflix. Give it a watch I promise you will find some reason to love it, hell try it with a group of friends and drinks, something we didn't do but should.  I don't yet have a rating system but if I did I would give it the top, be that 5 or 10 of something...  


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